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Alliance Financial Services is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with YU Lounge in Mauritius to offer our clients a hassle free travel experience in and out of Mauritius. Kindly contact us for the YU Lounge booking and preferential rates.

A few words from the YU Lounge: The ultimate experience and a unique concept for a new way of traveling without stress. YU Lounge is open to both commercial flights and private jets passengers. With two luxurious lounges, located in Mauritius and St Kitts, YU Lounge provides full support to passengers upon their arrival and departure. The handling of our guests starts at the footsteps of the aircraft. No queues, no hassles but a warm welcome and a smooth transfer as you are whisked to our private terminal. Luggage, formalities, transfers, our concierges take care of everything!

YU: It is all about you